About Me

Professionally, I'm a web developer and have been for over 15 years. I've done everything from Cold Fusion to classic ASP to PHP and Ruby on Rails. This experience has come while working for small web-development consultancies, medium-sized media companies, and seed-stage startups. I've currently been doing Ruby on Rails full-time for the last 2+ years and I'm really enjoying the Ruby and Rails ecosystem.

Along with my full-stack development skillset, I've also had roles that included other tasks, like some light systems administration work, managing developers, managing writers, writing digital camera reviews, and learning how run to online media properties.

I really enjoy being in control of my own destiny, so tend to shy away from larger organizations and I thrive in environments where I can keep learning new things. I also like to work with team members who are just as invested in project success as I am.

Personally, I like to homebrew beer, read science fiction, play Xbox, and get outdoors to camp, fly fish, and hike.

Other places to find me:


@benstafford on Twitter