What I'm Reading and Watching - Nov 14, 2012

One of my thoughts for semi-regular posts has been just to share what I've been reading, watching, and listening to. Probably pretty mundane to the casual observer, but I also view it as kind of a record of what I've been thinking about. Without further ado…



Objects on Rails by Avdi Grimm - a short, succinct book that is meant to get Rails developers thinking about object-oriented design and not just the "Rails way". Finished reading, but it probably needs a re-read.


The Passage by Justin Cronin - actually doing a re-read of this one before tackling the second book (The Twelve) which came out recently


Battlestar Galactica - working through the episodes on Hulu Plus. I did watch these when the series was running, but like it so much that I'm re-watching (which I rarely do). This time around, my wife is also getting into it.

Modern Family - Pretty much the only current show that I watch regularly (via Hulu Plus)


As I still feel like I'm getting up to speed with Ruby and Rails, I've started listening through the catalog of the Ruby Rogues podcasts, and watching Gary Bernhardt's screencasts at DestroyAllSoftware.com. For the most part, I get a lot of good info out of both and would highly recommend. On my list, but not yet started is the Thoughtbot podcasts (Giant Robots Smashing into other Giant Robots). Finally, Gaslight, a Rails/iOS consultancy in town, has started their own podcast (iTunes link) that I've been listening to.

Random web sites

Hexagonal architecture sites/posts:


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